Apple declares war on Google

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Apple’s YouTube application will not include in the new system.

After five years of living together, Apple decides to eject Google applications from its next mobile operating system. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will not have YouTube or Google Maps by default.

The new version of operating system for the iPad tablet computer and the iPhone smartphone does not include an application preinstalled on the popular video service YouTube, Google, Apple said.

It is the latest sign of growing rivalry between the technology companies that were close allies in the past, but now vie for supremacy in the mobile computing market, growing at a rapid pace.

A few weeks ago, Apple announced that it would not offer more software Google Maps on their mobile devices.

“Apple and Google are mobile operating systems of the future, and this will be the battlefield,” said , an analyst at Needham & Co. “If the race involves only two participants, none will want to take advantage of his rival,” he said .

Google, the world’s largest online search service, also produces the most popular operating system for smartphones, Android. In May, Google completed the acquisition of Motorola Mobility for 12.5 billion dollars, which will allow tighter integration between software and hardware company and create more direct challenge to the iPhone.

Apple said in a statement late Monday that its license to include the YouTube app on the operating system iOS “expired.” The company added that “users can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is preparing a new application from YouTube that will be offered on the App Store.”

A spokesman for Apple declined to comment on whether the license to use the YouTube financially involved or whether Apple planned to replace the application of YouTube application pre-installed video produced by another company.

YouTube is one of the applications that came pre-installed on mobile phones since the launch of Apple’s original iPhone in 2007.

But the application actually created by using Apple’s standards YouTube does not offer the same features of the site. He does not seem to convey any advertising and catalog of music videos available is much smaller than the site.

Analysts said Google should not suffer immediate impact with Apple’s decision not to renew the license application, but the strategy can have an impact on search.

The analyst of ThinkEquity, said the decision could pose a risk on the agreement between Google and Apple to be the default search engine on the iPhone.

“From what is being described, it seems that when the quest to reach the renewal period, there is a significant chance that Google may not be more standard,” said the analyst .

Analysts believe that Google generates significant portion of their revenues from mobile services to iPhone users.

Google said in a statement that is working with Apple to ensure “the best experience possible for YouTube users iOS.”

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