Apple crumble? Your profit margin to position the iPad Mini?

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Two weeks before the release of the iPad Mini , Apple has leaked almost all data on your new device. According to information published by Reuters , the iPad Mini will measure 7 or 8 inches (18-20 centimeters), is technically similar to its older brother and will come out on 23 October, three days ahead of the launch of Microsoft Surface .


The question remains, however, the final product price. As published Teknautas , some estimates suggest that the Cupertino factory pays around $ 200 for each iPad Mini manufactured. The common analysts agree that Apple would have to sell for at least $ 299 to maintain the profit margin equal to 9.7 inches, whose profitability is in the fork of 23-32%, explained the company’s patent trial against Samsung. What is clear is that the ratio can be maintained because, if the sector is a big tablets to Apple millpond, the lives of seven inches troubled times.

At cost

Amazon Kindle with HD and, above all, Google with the Nexus 7, have already taken up positions on the battlefield. Both are outstanding devices, given strong class and sold for less than 200 euros. The secret is obvious and acknowledged:both Google  and Amazon are selling at cost price. Experts believe that Page and Brin even lose money with every Nexus August 7 gb . that place. Both are willing to sacrifice profit provided ‘seed’ their content stores the maximum number of households. Filtering everything confirmed, Apple would land breaking the ceiling price, creating a new ‘premium sector’ and trying to relegate the noble class above a lower step.    
In Cupertino could allow a reduction of the final price, since more than half of the benefits obtained with a single product, the iPhone. The current generation, the iPhone 5, promises to break records in sales and profitability, with a maximum benefit of 58% per unit. From Wall Street suggest a third way: “Or Apple could maintain margins selling below $ 299 but reducing the minimum RAM from 16 GB. 8”, says an analyst at Agee Stergne to Reuters .

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