Apple could present three new iPhone this year

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the iPhone 5S, and Match iPhone yet unnamed third model


Apple , that since the introduction and launch of the iPhone 5 , the fourth-generation iPad and its tablet in the smaller version, the iPad Mini , remains discreetly in the background while your direct competition is making strides in the market, will soon return to mark their territory. The alerts have been activated.Rumors have awakened the giant apple bite placing it directly in the mouth of the specialized media, who, eager for official news from the Cupertino, speculate on the possible creation of nothing more and nothing less three models of iPhone this year.

The news comes this time from a Chinese website, the China Times , citing sources supply the California factory. From this publication ensures that besides the iPhone 5S , and predictable and almost a fixture in the calendar launch of Apple, the apple usually release an improved version of its latest attempt to scratch the terminal market share not achieved with the iPhone 5 -, there are two phones in the room of the Cupertino firm. This would be a device with a mejoradísima camera (13 megapixel resolution), scheduled for later this year, and another model, dubbed iPhone Match , a mobile almost five inch screen and an eight megapixel camera resolution.

Apple introduced in September 2012 the latest version of its flagship, the iPhone 5 , a lighter phone than previous, thinner, more powerful and with the larger screen that Californians had ever done . The mobile users waiting all year had swept the market, beating sales records during the first weeks . However, with the passage of time, the expectations of Apple were crumbling and the iPhone 5 had to stop production because of its high price and or operators decision to stop subsidizing terminals , sales began to decline in significantly.

Apple did with the iPhone 5 , a giant step in when the design of their phones. With a few finishing and finest materials, the new mobile bitten apple hit stores with more inches, a screen ‘stretched’ ready to give competition to other handsets, such as the Galaxy S3 , technological rivals were presenting throughout the year. But what has in the company that manages Tim Cookfor this 2013?

If the information the Chinese newspaper are not misguided, in December we will have three models of iPhone , but none of them will release the long awaited low cost that mobile users have for years claimed. This policy was never Apple and when the factory and introduced the iPad Mini all hopes on low-end products were discarded. leaks then shuffled tablet low cost, smaller, cheaper, with reduced benefits . The iPad Mini came with flag image by Apple which we are accustomed. Yes, a device smaller and more manageable, but with elegant finishes, excellent performance and a price that does not exactly emphasized affordability . Months later, Phil Schiller, head of global marketing for the company, was responsible for denyingthe rumor about a possible iPhone cheaper . Come more and getting better, although further scratching his pocket.

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