Apple could present 3 new iPhone this year

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It is possible that the words of the executive Apple will misinterpret: apparently, since half Asian ( China Times ) comments that could be up to three new iPhone which arrived this year 2013 . And the last thing is that has been told is that among the proposals of Cupertino is considering the possibility to launch a 4.8-inch iPhone screen .

Things have changed in Apple : since the arrival of Tim Cook in charge of the company, the direction has been taken in the company has differed significantly from his vision of Steve Jobs launching their products . First, they did reach the public a larger iPhone screen, with a four-inch diagonal and named iPhone 5 .

Following this launch, most recently was sucking up to smaller models of iPad , the tablet of Cupertino star catalog and presented the mini iPad , a tablet of 7.9 inches diagonally, with features reminiscent of the second generation team : 1024 x600 resolution and without Retina-display this feature may come with the second version of the model-, dual-core processor, 512 MB ​​of RAM but, yes, with a slimmer format and using the new connector called Lightning .

Iphone 3 versions for 2013

However, Phil Schiller belied the company is interested in launching a low-cost iPhone , it seems, this is not Apple’s policy. However, this is not incompatible with the market make different versionsand let the older models ( iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S ) forgotten, definitely, in the drawer of oblivion.

And is that the newspaper China Times says Tim Cook’s team is working on a model about five inch-4.8 inch to be exact, that would come later this year and that would be called iPhone Match .Furthermore, the resolution of the camera of this version would be eight megapixels .

But here is not all: the end of the year, also predicts a new model, but this time with a more powerful photo sensor, a model that would overcome the barrier of 10 Megapixels -13-megapixel resolution, although no no known codename.

Also, to further enhance the classical model, the third model that would come this year 2013 would be a more conventional iPhone -perhaps referring to iPhone 5S -. This is sensed with the same form factor as the current model, although some improvements lead, trying to get the market share lost to the last release . And is that neither the recent updates have improved performance. As an example: upgrading to iOS 6.0.2 -update only for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – it appears that the decreased battery life faster.

Even so, it is also expected that soon will launch the latest version of the famous icons smartphone : iOS 6.1 , which also could get substantial improvements in the database of the Maps application , one of the last of headaches and development team that has already claimed a victim.

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