Apple corrects the errors of the iOS Maps 6 in Australia

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Yesterday, Australian police advised citizens not to use his country’s iOS Maps 6  for Apple because they could endanger his life. The Californian company has responded quickly to the problem and less than 24 hours later, quietly, has solved the problem.

The Apple Maps are a constant headache.   A long list of reviews, more or less scathing, yesterday joined the worrying police complaint stating that Australia maps iOS 6 endangered the life of someone who could use them.

If you go to Murray Sunset National Park … do not trust Apple Maps
The reason is the country’s authorities had to rescue up to six times to several people who were lost in the Murray Sunset Nature Park, in the south of the country near Mildura , trying to get as directed by the maps of Apple . In this place daily temperatures reaching up to 46 degrees Celsius and, as if that were not enough, the water reserves in their environment are virtually nil. As you can imagine, the rescued took a scare to spend 24 hours lost in a remote place without food or water and no hint of civilization in 70 km radius.

Although it seems that Apple has fixed the location of the city of Mildara
As indicated from Cult Of Mac , Apple, without comment either before, during or after, has tackled the problem and the town of Mildura and on your actual situation when you do a search on the iOS Maps 6.

The solution to be reached this month Maps with iOS 6.1
In Cupertino should be working flat out, or at least it should be happening because Apple Maps is a big image problem for a company that has always boasted of offering proven products. Tim Cook apologized, removed the responsibility for its development, Scott Forstall, and promised they were going to solve all the problems in your mapping.

Are expected to arrive later this month expected iOS version 6.1, as the developer betas “expire” just a few days before the end of the year and with this update may resolve a Apple is already called by many the “mapagate”.

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