Apple buys microprocessor developer PASSIF Semiconductor

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Apple is not Yahoo!, but will also occasionally making small purchases startups and companies that help them improve their team and acquire technologies that can be used in new products. The Last just be to PASSIF Semiconductor, a company in Silicon Valley that is dedicated to the development of wireless chips.

The acquisition was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Apple, but as usual did not give any details about why they were interested in PASSIF Semiconductor. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time” , said the spokesman, noting that “generally do not discuss our purpose or plans. “

Apple acquires Passif

Apple acquires Passif

Passif is a firm specializing in communication chips that use very little energy , something that Apple would be interested for future iPhones and iPads (to lower energy consumption, less impact on the battery) and other products, especially the wearable technology. That is, the much rumored iWatch which is still leaking details and for which Apple would have a team of about 100 people working exclusively.

Buying PASSIF not the only Apple has made ​​in recent months.  Apple was also made ​​recently with Locationary (an app tracking) and Hotstop (an online service transit navigation).Furthermore, is in line with what the company announced in October 2012 following the restructuring of the company would give more importance to the processors.So, Apple has also equipment PA Semi and Intrinsity, other companies previously acquired.

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