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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is accustomed to apologize. The last, in China, has earned lose respect. Social networks suggest that buyers of iPhone, iPad and Mac computers which do not influence seen as a criticism of the media orchestrated by the state, but the technology giant excuse ointment is cheap for the bulk of future buyers The company’s products.

The last act of contrition Cook was six months ago about the poor performance of the Apple Maps. Then hung on the website of the company in China, was responding to media criticism on security and customer service, which began when the state China Central Television put Apple as an example of corporate wrongdoing . The attack did not uncover many cases of abuse, but it implies that Apple is not so good for Chinese consumers and Americans.

The underlying message could be a political threat to the great company that makes a lot of money selling popular products that are assembled in China, as well as show a relative financial hardship, such as Foxconn. It may reflect the widespread sensitivity to insult posed for a growing number of citizens and most powerful being treated as second class by multinationals. It may even be something planned for domestic firms aupar rivals like ZTE or Huawei, especially with critical safety in the U.S. last. Whatever the real motivation, the vagueness of the allegations has made Apple give in more easily. The text of the apology is more in line with regret the misunderstandings that suggest any major changes, although the company said it would review some iPhone guarantees. And thus achieves the twin goals of making Apple less arrogant and avoid a war of words with the Chinese system, which was the second largest market for Apple in the last quarter of 2012, with 13% of total sales, and that can become the largest. In addition, Apple has forged an agreement with China Mobile, with 720 million consumers. With its stock price sinking, Cook needs actively avoid problems in this bright and growing market.

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