Apple authorized the use of its design patents to Microsoft

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 Apple authorized the use of their precious design patents to Microsoft but with an “anti-cloning agreement” to prevent copying of its iPhone and iPad, said Monday an executive of Apple.

The testimony of the director of licensing patents, Boris Teksler, occurs during one of the trials on technology more closely followed in recent years. APPLE  Samsung Electronics accused of copying its iPhone and iPad, while the Korean company said that the U.S. violated several of its patents for wireless technology.

Apple had approached Samsung in 2010, hoping to get an agreement with his rival in patent licensing dispute before the court.

Teksler stated that Apple offered a group licensing of patents primarily patents were highly protected category related to what he called the “unique user experience.”

These include design patents, an issue in the lawsuit, which covered the look and feel of the iPhone and the iPad. Teksler told jurors last week that could have “the fingers of one hand” instances in which Apple has licensed these patents.

Negotiations between Apple and Samsung did not reach licensing agreement, and Apple filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Jose, California, in April 2011.

Apple’s decision to license its patents to design MICROSOFT  was consistent with its corporate strategy, said Teksler because the agreement forbade Microsoft make copies of their own devices.

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