Apple applies for a patent for connecting consoles and IOS devices

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Apple has asked for a patent relating to the use of a device IOS as a joystick for games. According to the images published , Apple has a system ready to hook up the iPhone or iPad to a console screen and transform a simple controller.

The patent shows an iPhone to interact with a console Xbox 360 , even with another command DualShock reminiscent of Playstation 3 . Apparently in the connection process would be involved NFC technology that allows devices to share information by simply drawing them. This technology could be used for, for example, specify which controller to the console is active.

This patent could eventually lead to the control or device connection iOS to Apple TV that can display on TV sets that are running on  a computer with Mountain Lion .

Lacking the technical description is difficult to know precisely the intention of Apple to the patent. May be directed to prepare the ground for a new step in the business of electronic entertainment or serve simply to add more to a patent portfolio that protect against attacks from other companies.

Depending on how the patent is issued, could harm the plans Microsoft , which prepares Xbox Smart Glass . This technology, which will be released in the fall, lets you connect any tablet or mobile console and use it to control the interface or to display information from the movies or play video games console at the time.

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