Apple applied for patents around Thunderbolt and iSight

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The U.S. Patent Office has published further applications from Apple. One describes the networking of Thunderbolt devices in series configuration, a different haptic feedback in touchscreens and a third to improve the technology in iSight webcam. Alongside these, three patent applications on flash memory.


Thunderbolt is a clearly developed jointly by Intel and Apple technology that makes it possible today to switch peripherals including monitors in series. Nearly all current Apple computers they use. Also, the “Thunderbolt Display” the company benefited by simultaneously working as a docking station.

The interesting thing is that the patent application for the first time Intel mentioned that have the technique described as “Light Peak” at least partly developed already. As Patently Apple notes, Apple has filed three applications for a protection of the trademark Thunderbolt. The exact nature of the collaboration of Light Peak or Thunderbolt is obscure.

For haptic feedback suggests Apple’s filing a “linear vibration motor” before, aiming to enhance with software functions that pressing virtual buttons feels real.

In recent months, Apple has been particularly active in the field of patents. An application does not mean that a product with the described technique in planning. Rather, can we protect both Apple already implemented techniques and ideas that arise in any phase of product development.

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