Apple announced to start producing computers in U.S. from next year

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Apple will start producing “next year” line of Mac computers in the United States, said the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook , in response to criticism of the Californian computer company to assemble most of their products outside the country.

In an interview, Cook explained that “the company has been working for years to produce more and more in America” and argued that the “engine” or “glass” of the iPhone, for example, were produced U.S.. Cook was responding to the criticism of the company to produce and assemble most of their products outside the United States , at a time when the U.S. economy struggles to reduce the unemployment rate.

On the enormous weight of China as a production, Cook noted that “it is not the price but the skills.” “Over time, there are skills that are associated with manufacturing that have left the United States. Not necessarily people, but the education system has failed to produce. You must be a concerted effort on recall, “he said.

The CEO of the company behind the iPad and the iPhone said: “If you take a look back and see the effect of Apple in generating employment in the United States, we believe that we have created over 600,000 jobs.” Most workers in the U.S. Apple concentrated at the headquarters of California in research and development tasks, its retail stores and data centers built in North Carolina, Nevada and Oregon.

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