Apple and Samsung?

“It’s the world’s most advanced smartphone,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia smart devices. This is the Nokia Lumia 920 and we could see, touch and try on your presentation in New York. Is it to much? Maybe, it is the most advanced, but remains to be seen whether it will be the most desired. Come in steps.

The Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels. These features only serve to strengthen one of its great virtues: his camera. With Carl Zeiss lens, 8.7 megapixel resolution and a system that can process up to five times more light than its competitors … without using flash, the images obtained reflect high quality. To this is added the Pure View technology and image processing software that among other things, a person can delete unwanted image.

Probably here is one of the keys of Nokia’s big bet: the software. So much so that the presentation surprised by the arrival of Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. The U.S. software giant and the Finnish company are committed to becoming the third wheel in the struggle for dominance in smart phone systems, so far dominated by iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). Therefore, the Lumia 920 has the new operating system Windows Phone 8 powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor quad core.

But Nokia’s bid does not rest here: Nokia Music will your overall system and free, without subscription or emails and with the possibility of having a catalog of 15 million songs that can be, first, create a folder favorite music and, thanks to a proprietary application will link our favorite location to suggest our concerts in the city where you are and automatically heading to sites where they buy tickets. To this is added City Lens, an augmented reality app that displays information (prices, reviews from other users, etc..) On restaurants, shops and museums to see with the camera. Another interesting feature of this phone, which was presented with one of smaller and more basic features, the 820 is its wireless charging system that just starts acting support.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia says that “it is time to change”, the reality is that Nokia has done his homework. For usability, design and features, created a smartphone that comes face to face with their competitors. It has also led to the development of new applications . Now the question remains whether Microsoft will make it easier for developers of these and if the bond between these two giants is enticing enough for users to see the return as an alternative.

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