Apple and RIM approved for Kodak’s appeal

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A judge has allowed Apple and Research In Motion formally for a case brought by Kodak appeal.This gives you the opportunity to defend himself against the charges against them, which is before the trade authorities ITC not a given.

Kodak had on 14 January 2010 brought an action for the first time, because Apple and RIM infringed on his performance against the U.S. patent number 6,292,218, which describes an image in a camera preview. It called for a ban in the United States. A judge of the ITC ruled in January 2011 that no violation was seen. This is the full committee then confirmed in July. Kodak went into appeal.

The present decision ( PDF ) comes from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC. Apple and RIM have the possibility to intervene in the case.

In January 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy Chapter 11. To repay a loan from Citigroup than 950 million dollars, trying to make some of its patents to money. However, after an auction process with too low bids it has stopped the process once. Last week, it said in a command, you now explore other alternatives.

In early September, the Company announced that it would cancel another 1000 jobs , thus saving labor costs in the amount of $ 330 million. Earlier this year it announced the elimination of 2,700 positions. Kodak also plans to divest itself of the departments Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging. Personalized Imaging to include the sub-Retail Systems Solutions (RSS), Paper & Output Systems (P & OS) and Event Imaging Solutions (EIS). Document imaging scanners and contrast produced capture software for companies, which are supplemented by services.

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