Apple and Microsoft are bombarded with updates to plug nonsense

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The ‘software’ and haste are no items to be mixed. Good development requires a period of prolonged and thorough testing that does not match the urgency of release schedules. These days Apple and Microsoft are experiencing it firsthand. The apple company announced yesterday the third update of its software iOS mobile 6, all of them focused on critical errors. In contrast, from Remond have begun to filter the characteristics of a project like Windows Blue , which is ‘sold’ as an addition to Windows 8 but that masks a complete remodeling of your operating system.



Both companies are in a difficult situation, seeing their ‘flagship’ begin to leak.Apple’s case is more tricky. After years of leading comfortably the ‘software’ for mobile, iOS seems obsolete in relation to Android and, what is worse, with many more failures . As you recall, the sixth version of the operating system as the main innovation brought the extinction of Google Maps for the Apple Maps, a bad play that ended up causing the ridicule of social networks .  
The edition 6.1.1 arrived in mid-February with an unpleasant surprise for the user, which saw the battery life of the iPhone was reduced to six hours .Synchronization, the management of mobile data and an overheating problem sparked the anger in the forums of the brand , which was forced to react with immediacy. 
The 6.1.2 solved the incidents cited, but forgot a ‘bug’ safety to make phone calls and access images of the device without entering the unlock code. The steps, which are detailed in the video below, are so simple that they are available to any user.

Yesterday Apple again updated its terminals, this time to close the safety and correct the mess of maps in urban areas of Japan . However analysts criticize accumulate patches on patches and Apple suing another change of course, more radical than the previous, which happens to ‘hardware’ and ‘software’. By the time the Cupertino have leaked that the new iPhone will have a “killer feature” that differ from the rest , but did not specify how that will come true.

A “new” Windows 8

Competition in the waters do not fall much quieter. After a few months ‘stanfby’ Microsoft has reacted to the weak reception of Windows 8 with Blue, yesterday unveiled a massive upgrade that will bring major changes. From what has been leaked, Windows Blue introduces new options for customizing the desktop, an option in high demand by users, and a new catalog of applications calculator, alarm and sound recorder.

Other features include improved usability and the ‘gestures’, with prominence in the use of cloud service company, SkyDrive. In addition, media as The Verge contend that come with Internet Explorer 11 standard.

However, the core of Windows Blue only be possible with the addition of Haswell chips , successors of Ivy Bridge, Intel . According to the CEO of the semiconductor maker, Paul Otellini , Haswell “is the generation of ‘chips’ with greater improvement and gives more battery life on Intel’s entire history”, so it could begin to be installed shortly in some ‘tablets’ and ‘ultrabooks’. One of its most interesting features in the capacity ‘always-on’, which allows devices to stay connected while on ‘stanb by’. This would be to simulate smartphones, capable of receiving email, or SMS notifications despite being at rest. 

Blue actually not new. Microsoft had warned in November the creation of a platform updates that make progress in the integration of Windows 8 and Windows RT at the lowest cost. I did not expect the market is that the first of the improvements were so ambitious, something that many have interpreted as the end-o-redirection from a poorly finished instead of an extension of it.

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