Apple and Google, rivals in the market, are joined by Kodak patents

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The two giants have decided to join forces with a total of 1,100 patents from the U.S. company for more than 300 million euros.

Apple and Google have teamed up to make an offer of 500 million dollars (381 million euros) for patents Kodak . Despite being rivals in the technology world, both have decided to join forces to acquire a total of 1,100 patents from the U.S. company. Since last August,Eastman Kodak planned to auction off 1,100 of its patents in order to pay its creditors, after bankruptcy situation in which it is located. According to the company, with this sale estimate obtained about 2,600 million dollars (1,984 million euros). Once the auction was announced, the U.S. company began receiving offers from major companies, including two top the list : Apple and Google . The two companies led to supply some of the patents coming to deliver between 150 and 250 million dollars (114 and 190 million euros). Having failed to get its way, months after both Apple and Google have decided to offer a joint bid by some of the patents.This was confirmed by the agency Bloomberg that ensures that such mergers allows competitors neutralize patent infringement suits.

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