Apple admits that even the Mac you’re gonna get viruses

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Falls one of the last bastions of pride Apple. The Colossus of Cupertino has removed from its website the slogan that from time immemorial claimed that Macs were immune from viruses. Replaced with more than a bland ” is secure right out . “

“The average user of Apple products is ready for the real world?”
Virus Apple Vs 1-0 – The terrible trojan “Flashback,” which has haunted mercilessly about 600 000 Apple Mac in the middle of the world, has left its mark. The claim that computers made by Apple to be exempt from the risk viruses – already very hard to believe – has been permanently destroyed. So much so that Apple had to admit, even the Mac is sick . And, well, apple has disappeared from the site of the disputed term, replaced by ” It is secure right out . “

Apple is naked – Aside from the trite, overused and useless competition between Mac and PC Fan Fan, however, Flashback has really laid bare the weaknesses of Apple. The fact that the Trojans, for example, you could eliminate much earlier if they had listened to the engineers in Cupertino Oracle. Flashback, in fact, has used a routine and the Java platform Twitter to replicate and spread, but Oracle had long since released an update that would have stopped. On a Mac, though, you can not install anything that Apple does not want this policy and condemned the fryer more than half a million stilosissimi – and expensive – computers white satin.

Wake up Mac – Now the question arises: the average user of Apple products is ready for the real world?That world where viruses are, where you use a good antivirus, where you must be careful not to open too many doors of WiFi router when playing online, where every email could conceal a threat and where even Facebook can catch you a nice virus . The typical Apple fans today would seem not. Just a little writing on the site of the apple to make him open his eyes? 


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