Apple achieved the highest market capitalization of its history

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The Apple shares rose Monday to its highest level in more than $ 664, representing a market capitalization of more than $ 623 billion. The record is still held by IBM in 1967.

Many analysts had expected, and it is now done. Apple yesterday became the end of the day the listed company with the largest market capitalization today. During the session, the action  Apple  took 16 dollars to 664.75 dollars climb, pushing the market cap to over $ 623 billion (504.8 billion euros). This is $ 200 billion over Exxon Mobil has that Apple stole the first place capitalization ago just one year.

But it is especially very symbolically the end of the record held by Microsoft since 1999. At the time, the Redmond giant had reached 618.9 billion dollars in market capitalization end of December. Currently, the action Microsoft  is around 30.5 dollars and a market capitalization of 257.3 billion dollars. According to observers, the gain as Apple is related to optimism about the forthcoming announcement of the iPhone 5 and a possible iPad mini.

Note that at constant exchange rates, the performance of Apple is less exceptional. As indicated in the Columbia Journalism Review , taken byTorrentFreak , recovery of Microsoft in 1999 is $ 856 billion (690 billion euros) current. A record beaten by IBM, whose value in 1967 corresponds to 1300 she billion (1047 billion) in 2012.

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