Appears the first virus for Windows 8

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Called ROJ_FAKEAV.EHM and has the dubious honor of being the first computer virus designed especially for Windows 8 . ‘s new operating system Microsoft is barely a week old, but has already received its first tenant unwanted. This is a Trojan type virus , and currently unknown severity and the extent of the infection.

Like many others, this virus appears antagonistically. First blows up a banner on certain pages of suspicious content. In this, it “informs” the user that their computer has been attacked by a virus, and offers the ability to download a software protector . It is precisely this assumption antivirus that infects your computer.

A Trojan virus as this usually attempt to collect private user information. This information can then be sold to third parties for use with malignant or commercial purposes. Among the sensitive information would be tracked the passwords to access various web services, such as email and bank details.

The virus was in malicious pages, ie those who do not have a security certificate . Most web browsers warn us that we are entering these pages, but it can happen that are actually secure pages or we’re very interested in that site. In these cases, should take precautions and not download files from these pages.


It is the only Windows 8-related attacks in recent days . Just wanted to try taking advantage of this new operating system, have appeared in some cases network phishing or scam over the Internet .Some websites offer the ability to download Windows 8 then begin applying user personal datasuch as account numbers or passwords. To avoid this type of threat it is best to always use the official pages of companies Software to download their programs. For Windows 8, you can download from the Microsoft website for a price of 30 euros, and request that we send home the discs for 60 euros.

The new Microsoft operating system was officially launched last week, and is a complete renovation of veteran ecosystem. ‘s new interface does not look anything like the traditional Windows environment consisting of a desktop with icons. In the new version, different tiles give access to the most common services, while maintaining the ability to operate in the above format.

It is this novelty that can help spread new infections. Ignorance of what users can contribute a new environment for them to download malicious files more easily. For this, it is best to always navigate pages with safety certificate and always be clear where we are downloading files. Besides, it never hurts to have a good antivirus . However, we also beating around on eggshells when choosing one, especially if we choose to download it for free. And is that many malicious software like virus that first Windows 8, behind the facade of a fake antivirus.

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