Any new Apple headphones?

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A little over 10 years after its launch, the classic Apple headphones may be about to change.

This according to the material by a Vietnamese site, which consists of several photographs and a video that show what may be the new model of headphones that Cupertino would be to launch.

As you can see from the pictures, the design has been completely renovated, with a smaller frame and that seems to be made of a single piece. While nothing is yet confirmed by Apple, the legend inscribed on the cable said to have been assembled in Vietnam and designed by Apple company in California.

To be certain this leak, accessories appear along with the presentation of the new iPhone, which is expected in the next week, September 12.

Good news for all those long, we have complained how uncomfortable it can become the headphones “official” Apple mobile devices.

The Vietnamese site published a video showing what was supposed to be the new design of Apple headphones that will be included with the new iPhone, which would be presented next week. According shows the site, the headphones would be built in Vietnam (up Now, Apple headphones are produced mostly in China) and would form a new, thinner, which would allow more comfortable entering into the user’s ear. 

One of the most common complaints about hearing aids is that their sound bad because it is not directed towards the ear, but this would change with the new models, which would have two outputs: one at the edge pointing into the ear and one in the middle, but smaller. Though there is no confirmation and the video could be fake, noting that several websites are Tinhte has good information about Apple products before launch. 

The last change in the design of Apple headphones was in 2007 when the company launched the first iPod Touch and changed the name of the original iPod “iPod Classic”. At that time they “modernized” the original design of the earphones, giving more curved edges.

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