Antivirus: AVG 2013 and faster mobile version

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AVG Anti-Virus 2013 has just been launched. This year, the protection of privacy is a major concern of the module editor with Do Not Track. A new interface also makes its appearance for Windows 8 with a Modern UI inspiration.

AVG 2013 brings some new features that should satisfy fans of this antivirus. It is faster because the system audit files has been improved.According to the publisher, the analysis time was 36% for the next antivirus scans since examines the organization of all the files on the hard disk. Its operation is also optimized mobile PCs with the system TuneUP Pc. The objective is to reduce the impact on battery life. The performance of the computer are also optimized.

The arrival of the antivirus AVG 2013 is also accompanied by a proposed new interface inWindows 8 . The ergonomics is presented close to tile highlighted by the new operating system from Microsoft . A version for tablets ARM is currently in preparation. In addition to these changes in terms of design, the new version offers a spam filter using AVG Internet Security which provides the opportunity to block 88% of suspicious emails against 55% previously. The people who use Wi-Fi can also use the technology specifically designed for the detection mode.

As usual, the Czech publisher offers several solutions. An antivirus AVG 2013 is available for free. A more complete version is sold and paid for 29.95 euros. The publisher also offers AVG InternetSecurity. These proposals mainly concern individuals. AVG has thought to put forward a solution for companies with Antivirus Business Edition. Meanwhile, work has been done for mobile phones as the editor noted that 370,000 threats were referenced between April and June this year. This 59% increase has pushed AVG to offer a version for tablets and smartphones running Android only.

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