Anonymous attacks PayPal have cost 4.3 million euros

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Anonymous PayPal has caused losses worth 3.5 million pounds -4.3 million euros, after attacks by this group of hackers against anti-WikiLeaks companies.

One of the activists, a British student of 22 years, had to declare on Thursday before a London court accused of involvement in these attacks by hackers against PayPal and other companies.

   These companies are in the crosshairs of Anonymous by the decision to suspend payments to WikiLeaks . The attacks have led to losses reaching up to 3.5 million pounds in money raised and no cost for the development of their computer systems.

   Three of the four band members have admitted their involvement in the incident. This has not happened by the fourth member, Christopher Weatherhead, who is being tried by a British court as “a clique of leaders.”

   According to the prosecuting attorney, Sandip Patel,“Christopher Weatherhead is a ciberatacante and he and others like him began a campaign orchestrated sophisticated online attacks that p aralizaron a number of systems that are specific to businesses and caused no damage unprecedented. ” The tactic freezes the computer system by flooding it with an “intolerable number of online applications and messages,” said Patel.

   The activity of this small group of Anonymous began to fight against the recording industry and opponents of Internet piracy. However, later extended its activity ended up putting new goals as fighting anti-WikiLeaks companies.

    “This case, in short, is about using Internet hackers to attack and disable computer systems, colloquially described as cyber attackers or vandals”.

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