Angry Birds has more monthly users than Twitter

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Rovio laid the egg, never better, with Angry Birds . Few companies have launched a product that has become so fast and franchise continue, years later, gaining momentum and achieving success. When it comes to services like Facebook or Twitter, and we marvel at their performances or growths, we left in the pipeline other great works. And, for example, Rovio, creator of Angry Birds , has more monthly users than Twitter itself, according to data from the two companies.


Twitter is a social environment where people follow, which can be useful both personally and professionally. It used to work, is a job in itself for many users. Others find this service in the ideal tool to communicate with who most want. And it is a hobby for many others. Arguably the advantages and usefulness of Twitter tend to infinity. Thus, it is not uncommon to see the figures published on December 2012, which had 200 million active users. Amazing, is not it?

Angry Birds

Rovio is a company that develops games, and in recent years has launched seven titles, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies and Angry Birds recent Star Wars . All but one are in excess of angry birds. Well, all these bring together a number of unique users of 263 million . And why are these games? For entertainment, basically. It has no other end a game like Angry Birds. It is not even social, we can not play with others. We can talk through the game. We can only start a level, play, and stop when we get tired.

Analysts around the world no longer marvel at the achievements of a company like Rovio. They always say the same thing about Angry Birds . It was the first game, it was the first title for smartphones, was not even free. Of course, it was not the best game there is, or ever. So where lies the mystery? We will not find us. The mystery lies in the human being, capable of falling in love with an icon like this.

You just need to stop and think and wonder what is the most consumed beverage in Finland. If we did a survey to see what citizens think of the rest of the world, the answers would be very different. From the most typical, the CocaCola, Pepsi, to the more original, like GynTonic, even the most basic, as the water itself, we end up finding a huge repertoire of responses. Why do we say this? The refreshment of Angry Birds is citrus flavored the most consumed beverage in the cold country. How, that is the question. One question I will not answer in the coming years. However, it is likely that in the coming years if we see new releases from Rovio, and we continue liking much as it did the first Angry Birds .

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