Angry Birds as Skywalker and Han Solo

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Rovio has teamed up with Lucas Films to convert their birds in Lucke Skywalke r, Han Solo and Princess Leia with the release of Angry Birds Star Wars, coming to Android, iOS and PC from November 8.

The Angry Birds saga prepares his ‘cross over’ most anticipated thanks to an agreement with Lucas Films, Star Wars Angry Birds, which will eventually be a new release independent and not an episode of Space .The companies will present the game in the ‘Toys R Us’ in New York on Monday 8 October.

The Finnish company Rovio showed on Friday on its website in the shadows the silhouette of one of his birds with a cloak and a lightsaber. After these pictures, fans of both franchises could already imagine what the next Finnish and its most famous birds.

The next appetizer was launched on Monday, as the Finnish posted a video and confirmed that on November 8 the next installment of Angry Birds will be available, where angry birds will get into the skin of Luke Skywalker , Han Solo , Princess Leia and Chewbacca.

In addition to video on the official channel on YouTube and Rovio launch date, a poster of Star Wars Angry Birds has been published by USA Today and in it are characterized Birds Rovio as C3PO, R2D2, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chebacca. Also on the bill also appears a pig dressed as Darth Vader.

This interpretation, interestingly, coincides with some fans who created many months ago, in the event that Rovio decided to take the step to create Angry Brids Star Wars.

The company will present the world this new installment of Angry Birds on Tuesday in New York, specifically in the Toys’ R Us Times Square, at 10:00 am (16:00 hours in Spain) and will be available for download on November 8.

So far, no details were given of the development, but not be strange that exploited the physical delivery of Space to create levels set in space .Not difficult to imagine the birds attacking pigs sith a death star.

On the other hand, for the poster published by Rovio, it seems his first Angry Birds Star Wars, or at least their first few levels are set in the classic saga of galactic franchise. As expected it to become a success in sales, not be surprising that arrived more content, making use of the modern.

Not be excluded, especially taking into account that the game will be presented at Toys R Us, which Rovio licencie a line of new toys and other objects ‘merchandising’ inspired by the ‘cross over’. Given the success of sales of the objects of both franchises, certainly a line that combines both sweep in stores.

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