Android will not stand at Mobile World Congress

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Google has confirmed that this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress there will be a booth dedicated to Android, undoubtedly one of the most striking in past editions. Since Google has explained that his goal is for manufacturers using Android are the center of attention.


In editions of the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona one of the main attractions was the Android booth. The company space dedicated to your operating system had all kinds of experts, developers and many activity, slide included.

Despite the success of Google space in previous editions, in 2013 there will be Android booth at Mobile World Congress. The company has confirmed that they will not have a space as the previous editions.Sources close to Google Portaltic have explained that the company has taken this decision in order that manufacturers who use the system have more prominence.

Google does not want to outshine brands like Samsung, Sony and HTC , so we decided not to have their own space and look at the system terminal manufacturers. The lack of space does not mean that Google Android completely renounce Mobile World Congress 2013.

The company has said that currently is being evaluated have a small space in which their representatives may meet the press, but there is nothing definite yet. Despite this lack outstanding, the Mobile World Congress continues to occur as the world’s largest exhibition of mobility level.

From 25 to 28 February Barcelona will become the world capital of the world of mobility thanks to this important event.

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