Android will be the main target for hackers :”Kaspersky Lab”

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Leading anti-virus expert of the Russian company “Kaspersky Lab” Sergey Golovanov said that mobile operating system Google Android will soon become the main target of hackers.



Android is already among the leaders in mobile platforms, which are often attacked by hackers. In future the tendency to intensify, said Golovanov.

According to the expert, in 2012, was broken the stereotype that of Apple, in particular, computers Macintosh, completely protected from virus attacks. Confirmation of this was a mass attack on the computers Apple, recorded in the spring of last year, as well as sightings of malicious software created specifically for the Mac.

About trends in cyber Sergey Golovanov told the regional round of Russian and CIS sixth international student conference on information security Cyber Security for the Next Generation, which takes place February 20-22 in the capital of Armenia, reports resources .

Recall, last fall, the Center for complaints on the Internet (Internet Crime Complaint Center, IC3), which coordinates the work of U.S. government agencies in the network area, came to the conclusion that Android is under attack more often than other OS.

Google knows this, and strengthen security. Secure Internet surfing was one of the main problems that developers set themselves, creating the most recent version of Android.

However, it should be noted that, despite the fact that the latest version of the system – 4.2 out of hundreds of millions of Android-devices around the world, perhaps even more, more than half still have the older version.This means that the number of malicious programs can only grow.

According to antivirus company Sophos and Symantec, who independently analyzed the malware for Android, most of the viruses under this operating system originally created in China and Russia.

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