Android vs. Apple Infographics

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Hello Friends we are Try to write Some Points for Android VS. Apple. we have create a Infographic which will give you complete idea on the same.


1. Multitasking

We started strong but it is basic. As much as I spend more battery power or resources, devices must be multitask. I do not want to choose between surfing the internet or listen to music. Nor do I choose to have Google Talk open or Let’s play a game, receive tweets or facebook read. I want it all yet . And this just gives me Android.

2. Personalization

I like having my own desk, different from others. I like to watch where I please or not to put it. And I hate to see just my shortcuts rather than pages and pages of applications.

3. Community

The community can only bring iPhone games and applications (I will not deny that there are very cool) but the community also brings Android ROMs and modifications . An Android user feel closer to your phone, feeling that it can change much more than an iPhone user

4. Open Handset Alliance

For while Google is the great and the shots that at least there are more members who can be heard and contribute their bit. And most important Android is open, Apple does not . Do not say anything else.

5. Price and variety of terminals

If you like iPhone OS you buy an iPhone. If you do not like the design you screw up . If you want Android, choose the phone that you like, the one that best suits your needs. Power, size, keyboards, accessories: a host of options to choose from.

New € € € Apple = € within your budget. If you like you can find real good Android terminals at rock bottom prices. And if you want better quality, then pay more but at least you have thechoice .

6. Google Accounts

I will summarize very briefly: push mail and different accounts fully synchronized at all times with the cloud. If desired, add the implementation of social networks.

7. Software development intensive

Struggle between two giants, but a detail. Hardware specializes in Apple, Google Software. If we also take care that the hardware is great as HTC , Sony Ericsson , Acer, Samsung, Motorola … for Google to focus on software development , for that.

8. Competition is the daily bread

All that said, let’s be clear about one thing. Apple is a great, always has been and always will be. And just the fact compete with a giant causes the two to evolve every day, with great strides, each time giving a better quality product. Actually, if Apple was not important, all thiswould not be funny .

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