Android smartphones are still the favorites of hackers

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A report from Kaspersky Lab said that Android is still the preferred platform for cyber criminals to commit attacks by malicious applications that allow access to the user data.

Only in 2012, says that study , there were 43,000 malicious programs for this platform, unlike the previous year, which had record 6000.

Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones

This constitutes over 99% of the malicious software found on mobile platforms in 2012, said Kaspersky.

Threats were divided into Trojans SMS (who steal money by sending payment messages), adware and exploits to access the root of the mobile device and steal the data stored. “Another notable addition to the family ofmalicious programs for Android was a new botnet called Foncy mobile device, allowing cybercriminals captured control equipment, “adds the report.

The remaining 1% of the discovered malware on mobile devices in 2012 attacked terminals for smartphones Symbian and BlackBerry .

The report also found out that, during 2012, the first malware for devices running iOS . This is an application called “Find and Call” (which was also available in the official Android store, Google Play .

Kaspersky considered this application as malicious hidden because users who sent messages to all your contacts asking for access to your list.

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