Android reaches 80% of smartphones sold

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The power of Android is not diminished. In the second half of the year got to be the operating system of 80% of smartphones sold worldwide, according to data from resources.

Android OS

Android OS

Of the 229.6 million smartphones sold in the period, 182.6 million carry the software created by Google and given to all manufacturers to change the main source install services like YouTube, Gmail or Google Play Store.

The Apple system, iOS, has been relegated to a second position, but with a 13.6% market share, the lowest den years, selling 31.2 million of its phones, according to the same source, in some cases differs in other meters tenth international, IDC and Gardner.

The third position is for the Microsoft operating system, Windows 8.Despite having only 3.9% of the global market, thanks to 8.9 million units sold by other manufacturers, particularly Nokia, is its greatest success .

This is highlighted Strategy Analytics, but warns that for Windows to improve its global position, should charge less for manufacturers to integrate their system or otherwise, they will choose to launch more Android models, and the public to try their devices cheaper.

“Competitive costs, the widest range of manufacturers and the largest application store are the main reasons for the success of Android,” said Neil Mawston, an analyst at the company. “The Apple market share is the lowest since the second half of 2010,” three years after the first iPhone.

In three years, the market for smartphones has changed dramatically, first with the appearance of Android as an operating system and then the emergence of new Chinese manufacturers like Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE are dethroned classic Nokia and former number one Blackberry .

The smartphone is holding and the mobile industry, thanks to sales encouraged by low prices. Of the initial 800 euros for a smartphone, and can be found for around 100 euros, as Xiaomi just released, the last Chinese manufacturer who has risen to fame thanks to a combination of modern design, software itself (on a Android) and low prices.

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