Android phones were spreading spam

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According to a report from Microsoft, Google rival mobile system would be using robots to spread messages.

Smartphones running Android, Google’s operating system, robots are being used as illegal to send spam. The practice, common in computers, does not happen often in cellphones and was featured in a safety report released by Microsoft – the software giant that it is worth remembering, is a competitor to Google in mobile systems.

These robots, also known as botnets, form an underground network, generally used for the spread of unwanted email. According to researcher Terry Zink, Microsoft, there is evidence that spam is being sent from Yahoo’s servers from Android devices.

In recent months, Google’s operating system has suffered from the action of viruses disguised as applications. Google Play online store platform, unlike the App Store, Apple does not have a system of trusteeship, which makes Android devices more vulnerable to contamination. Some applications also appear in the fake Google store as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, popular games on smartphones.

Google would not comment directly search results from Microsoft, but said he had work to improve the security of Android. “We are committed to providing a safe experience for Google users play. 

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