Android patent dispute: Microsoft expands Motorola lawsuit against Google

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Microsoft announced at a hearing before the District Court of Munich that it will expand its patent suit against Motorola Mobility on the parent company Google. It’s about the European patent EP0548124 , which the software giant looks hurt by the integration of Google Maps in Android. It describes a computer system for identifying local resources.


“During the three-hour hearing, Motorola has stubbornly rejected Microsoft’s allegations, without worrying how Google’s server infrastructure works,” writes the patent blogger Florian Mueller, who advises, among others Microsoft in patent issues and has attended the trial in Munich. “Towards the end of the meeting announced Microsoft’s general counsel, Microsoft will extend its application to add Google to the operator of the server infrastructure behind the Maps app, as additional defendants.”

In an e-mail to a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed step. “It was necessary to extend this action for Google, since Motorola claims that it has insufficient information about the tasks on Google’s servers. We continue to hope that Motorola joins the vast majority of manufacturers of Android devices by licensed Microsoft’s patented inventions. “

Today’s announcement represents a significant expansion of Microsoft’s efforts to convince Android vendors believe that Google’s mobile operating system is not really free, and Windows Phone is a good alternative might. Previously, Microsoft could eg LG, Samsung and HTC gain as a licensee. You will pay up to $ 15 per Android device sold to the software giant.

Google really wanted to influence the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the course of the patent disputes surrounding Android in his favor or in favor of his partner. Motorola is once again the biggest Android vendor to shutting itself off from Microsoft’s licensing requirements, which is why it is also the main target of Microsoft lawyers.

Müller points out that Google has been involved only in the USA and is also only the third part of Android lawsuits. With the purchase of Motorola is Google but now directly involved in the dispute.

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