Android celebrates four years of success

On 22 October 2008, launched the first Android device, the HTC Dream. Thus, marks four years since Google’s operating system was released in the market, during which he has managed to become the undisputed market leader of “smartphones”. Today is a huge ecosystem, present in a number and variety of dramatic devices.

Android’s history began in 2005, the year when Google decided to buy a small California company that had the same name. Google wanted to expand his business and wanted to develop a mobile platform with which to grow . The company’s strategy was based on allocating resources to the newly acquired Android, that would become a cornerstone for what Google is today.

Google’s bet on Android counted from the beginning with key figures like Andy Rubin, who now holds the position of vice president of engineering at Google, which allowed the project to be developed by the correct lines. For example, it was decided to opt for Linux as the basis for the new system, which allowed making Android an open system.That decision has been key to the success of the OS and has scored most of its development.

Key Factors

Another key factor in Android’s success was the creation of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of companies that sought the development of mobile standards. Open Handset Alliance was instrumental in the development of Android, and companies like LG, Samsung, Qualcomm and Motorola supported the initiative from the beginning. Brainchild of Google and the support of manufacturers so important how are you, the system grew and consolidated. Work on Android programming took several years, until in 2008 it officially launched Google.

Specifically, in September of that year the company introduced the Android SDK so that developers could start working with him. However, it took until 2008 until the official launch took place from the first terminal to the Google mobile operating system. That first “smartphone” Android was the HTC Dream, also marketed as T-Mobile G1. With this device, which had a Qwerty keyboard that is hidden behind the touch screen, began a catalog of devices that has not stopped growing, integrating hundreds of models with a wide variety of features.

Huge growth

After four years, no one can deny the success of Android, which has got a stranglehold on the market of “smartphones” with an ever more pronounced in the area of ‘tablets’. According to the latest official figures confirmed by Google, there are already more than 500 million Android devices activated worldwide. Moreover, growth seems to not stop, or so wait in Google.

The company’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, said they expect that in a year to reach the 1,000-activated Android devices, marking a new milestone for the system and for the industry. Beyond the devices, Android has managed to grow an ecosystem. The freedom that Google has given developers has allowed its application store references grow to 600,000, making Google Play the second largest catalog store sector.

In addition, Google has expanded the content for movies, music and film, which have rounded global entertainment strategy. In addition, Google has had run-ins with some company isolated as Acer, to defend certain restrictions on your operating system. Apparently, the search engine company Acer pressured to stop the launch of a “smartphone” that uses an operating system based on Android, but not entitled to use Google tools that shape the ecosystem.


The system in question is called Aliyun and has been created by Alibaba.In any case, seeing the past, present and expected Android, it seems that the four years just turned many others will join them full of successes. It appears that Android has a long way to go and it’s hard to know where the robot will Google. The next few years are seen as exciting , once launched Mozilla Firefox free operating system for mobiles, that companies like Telefonica has rated the first ecosystem actually is 100% free.

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