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There are many applications that use Windows on your computer daily and we wish we had in our smartphone. Often there is no alternative to Google Play and at other times, these alternatives are scarce. Remedying shortcomings has come Wine to Android, which will allow us to install Windows applications on your smartphone.

In softzone us about the Wine program features to Android . Wine is a tool open source that allows you to run Windows programs specifically designed for Unix systems, including Linux. It’s not an emulator, it is rather an additional layer of support that allows us to use the same program on Windows and Android.

He is currently in the testing phase and no exit date unknown. On Sunday we saw a demonstration of the application made ​​by the developer, Alexander Julliard .During the presentation we saw roughly Wine running on Android, but the fact of using an emulator instead of an Android device, took a little attractive.

For now, the application performance is quite poor . Its creator he attributed to the use of an emulator and a real device. Anyway, this is a preliminary version and promise to continue to work towards a stable and with acceptable performance.


Android on Windows

Conversely if we can enjoy Android apps on Windows PC. One of the highlights in Windows Android , which runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8. This application uses the Windows kernel to run natively, Android applications. Use version 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

There are also emulators such as Blue Stacks , which allow more or less the same. The drawbacks of the emulators are execution speed , response and the amount of settings to get a decent experience.

Wine opens the way for running Windows applications on Android smartphones and tablets. We will follow closely the project to inform you of all developments. Do you see the arrival of Wine needed to Android?

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