Android and the iPhone 5 desired by 56% of BlackBerry users

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Bad times for BlackBerry. A recent study shows that more than half of its users want to put their heels to other Android and Apple operating systems are in first position.

Strong rivals

Either by the operating system or by strong competition from other companies that have Android or Apple as the case is that most users of a BlackBerry, namely 56%, are to move to the competition and more particularly to an iPhone 5 according to a report from Surveys  around the world.

It appears that with its latest models of mobile touch has failed to sell the numbers that were expected, in part because they have provided little new in the latest models. Now in 2013 when the news seems likely the firm will come from the hand of BlackBerry 10, say, revolutionary signature. 24% of users surveyed, do not forget that all Americans, they miss the option of having wireless charging option that if we can find in the new Nokia mobile. The Lumia 820 and 920.

Brushstroke Android

In this study there are also touches of the view Android users who refuse to by 33 iPhone 5, while 32 seems interesting to analyze the option of switching to an Apple computer screen equipped with a four-inch Retina . In fact, 58% approved the new design of the iPhone 5, where the display has grown. Ç

In summary we can to BlackBerry lives difficult times where your mail system and messaging does not make sense and the importance of the past. Whatsapp and mailers Android and IOS are to blame. Besides the design and lack of commercial draft your operating system did the rest.

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