Android 4.3, also under development

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Google is working on a new version of the mobile operating system Android 4.3 while preparing larger version Android 5.0.



When we thought that Android 5.0 would be the protagonist of the next version developer event Google I / O, since Android Police claim to have found another code version, Android 4.3.

Same as 4.2, would be labeled as ‘Jelly Bean’ and make references to devices like the Nexus smartphone tablet Nexus 4 and 7 would be the models to upgrade to this version 4.3.

An update that thought is being developed in parallel with Android 5.0 and it should not delay the release of this , after a couple of months ago a leak of the roadmap of Qualcomm chipset mobility confirm the arrival of Android 5.0 for this spring.

What do we know about Android 5.0? Rather little. Unless your code name ‘Key Lime Pie’ is in alphabetical order in their first letter and also the number of sweets, cakes and desserts chosen by Google to Android.

Yes it is safe to bet on Android 5.0 unification , regardless of device (smartphone or tablet mostly) where it is installed, to avoid fragmentation of the platform, a problem that has plagued Android since its launch, with the issue of safety, appearance this growing as the mobile system continues to increase market share.

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