Android 4.2 offers advanced protection from harmful apps

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Google developer Michael Morrissey has a new security feature in Android 4.2 noted . The new mobile operating system that Google just for its devices Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus delivers examined before installing apps if they are from an unknown source.

The description of the Nexus 4 , which also works with Android 4.2, it says : “For phones with Android 4.2 and higher, where Google Play is installed, can be confirmed through Google Apps.The App confirmation is enabled by default. There are, however, only data sent to Google when you type in the dialog box that appears before the installation of the first app from an unknown source, your consent. “

The protective function distinguishes between “potentially dangerous” and “dangerous” and warns the user respectively blocked the installation of the app. During the verification process will log information sent to the App associated URLs and general information about the device such as the device ID, version of the operating system, IP address and at least one cookie at Google. The so-called App confirmation can Settings> Security> apps are turned on and off.

The new protective function in Android 4.2 Google responds to the increased number of dangerous apps . Security vendors have increased since the beginning of the year indicate that the number and sophistication of malware for smartphones is growing rapidly. The Android platform is the most affected. The explanation is simple: Both BlackBerry OS and iOS are closed systems, Windows Phone is not often used as a target and therefore not profitable. Android is, there is almost ideal playground for attackers: It’s open, the distribution channels for software are hardly limited and the number of users is already very high and are rising swiftly.

For this reason, there are a large number of anti-virus solutions for the Google platform. AV-Comparatives has been recently one of the most commonly performed test programs .

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