Android 4.2, new features of the new operating system from Google

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Google has introduced into society the new version of its operating system for advanced mobile and touch tablets . The Internet giant has shown Android 4.2 and included it in the package Jelly Bean , same nickname that receives the previous version Android 4.1. Therefore, one could say that this new version is a series of improvements of the current version can be found in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . But let’s see what new features Google has included in this new version of its platform.


Photo Sphere, new function for the camera

First, photography lovers will enjoy a new feature on their camera phones. And is that Google has introduced Photo Sphere . What do you get with it? Well to take pictures or 360 degree spherical , ie with advanced mobile and Android 4.2 installed on the terminal, the user can take screen panoramic surround using the same technology that Google uses in its Street View service . Subsequently, these pictures can be shared on Google+ , the social network of the Internet giant and increasingly integrates with more features, and Google Street View itself.

In addition, the commands on the screen disappear to give absolute prominence to images .Although the context menu will appear whenever the client hold anywhere on the screen while using the application of the camera.

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New integrated keyboard

Press each key to be writing the words on the screen is in the past. Increasingly users were third and keyboards used mainly write allowing keyboards without lifting the fingers of the screen. And Google has taken note of it and Android 4.2 integrates a new virtual keyboard -both smartphones to tablets, which work the same way as does the famous keyboard Swype .

Google has also improved translations included in the system, so that the autocompletion system will be much more efficient and will be much easier to complete the texts while the words are being written.

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Multi-function tablet

The following function is available only for users of touch tablets. For now, Android 4.2 will be available for both the Nexus 7 to the new Nexus 10 -new 10-inch model. And is that tactile tablets can be used by more than one user of the same family. Therefore, and as such a computer you have at home, it will now be possible to open different accounts from the same computer . Hence, Google has submitted the multiuser feature that will allow different users of a tablet with Android 4.2 does not have access to content from other consumers.

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Share content via WiFi

Other new features that the user can enjoy the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is the possibility of seeing larger displays all content stored within the terminals . And all of them will be possible thanks to a new transmission standard, and will work with some adapters that will be sold separately and will only connect to a HDMI port. Similarly, over the next year, some companies include in their catalogs and models that integrate these adapters and are compatible with standard Miracast .

daydream android 42

Daydream: new screensaver

When the terminal is resting on a base, it is possible to display different content. Google has introducedAndroid 4.2 the possibility that the terminal can display pictures, updates to Google Currents , among others. And to whom has been given the name Daydream .

android notifications 42

More features in the notification bar

The notification bar has also changed in the new version of Google’s mobile platform . And is that once the client slide down the tab where you can view missed calls, received messages or emails or updates on social networks, now you can act from them without leaving the notification center .Setting an example, the user can return a missed call from within the tab and winning response time.

now google android 42

Improvements in Google Now

Besides personalized cards that already existed, the service Google Now get more improvements and will receive flight information, restaurant reservations, hotel confirmations, etc …

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