Android 4.1 Jelly Bean already know what you want to know

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
 is apparently only a minor release of the Google operating system. If you are in fact many new touches that make the software faster, reduce battery consumption and facilitate the sharing of content, is in the search options that Google has made the giant leap.

Support a frame rate higher (60fps) will make more fluid animations , and hardware, processor and graphics processor will work together ( triple buffering ) to increase the speed of execution. JB is also able to put to rest the CPU when the smartphone is in standby , activated again as soon as you touch the screen. To save battery (and banda) also contribute smartp app update (do not dump over entire app every time, but only files missing or modified) and the new prediction system.

On voice commands available offline (for dictation) spend only one line, while Google Now , the new search tool (including voice), you need to spend a whole paragraph. Google with this application shall presume to answer our questions even before we were able to formulate them. How? Through our knowledge graph , a kind of social graph (to use Facebook) applied to our smartphones . In practice,giving up our privacy (to work, Google Now asks to know what to look for in Search, access to our calendar, our maps, etc.) in return we get answers to questions like “How the game is over?” ” Where to eat in the area? “,” The weather at home and at work? “,” You better make another road as there is traffic? “,” When it passes the next bus? “ and so on, without ever specify which game, where the office or in what area you are in that moment.

Now Google can do everything by combining information obtained from our habits with variables like where we are, where we will go and how fast we are moving. Coming to advise us to leave the house for the first quarter of an hour do not be late to work because there is traffic.Even the keyboard is now able to predict what we would like to write, based on a database of phrases and learning from our daily use to suggest the next word even before we write it. And always on the prediction is based in part the implementation of technology touch responsiveness : Android also predicts where we do our next tap, making it more fluid use of the device.

The price to pay in terms of privacy is high, but are we sure that for many of us it is worth it. Above all, this is something that Apple has not or has not yet shown. The ability to search Google voice reminds Syrians Now, it is true, but the voice of Apple server for each application needs to contact the servers in Cupertino and conduct research, and Now Google wants to know the answers already and only If not used the Google Search.

Returning to Android, the news are several. One of the most interesting is the new notifications panel, which effectively becomes an additional desktop with shortcuts to send email or call directly to a contact. The other app have the option to allow users to perform tasks such as responding to a notification without having to access the app.

Small news also on the front widget : there is no need to make room for him because when they are added to the desktop or other app shortcut present rearrange themselves to make room for the newcomer. The app for the picture is even faster and allows access to the gallery with a simple swipe , and another to delete the photos (the ones saved in Google Plus are also available in the notifications panel). The app Android Beam in combination with the NFC system makes sharing photos, video, contacts and anything else that was previously used as a Bluetooth or app Bump.

All these innovations will not be present on the other hand Nexus Q , the Google TV, or rather the social media streamis running on the Mountain View Ice Cream Sandwich (the processor is an OMAP4460). The ball allows Google to send in streaming contents Android to other devices or on itself (16 GB of flash memory). We can connect to transfer data, photos, audio and video via wi-fi, Bluetooth and NFC , while the ball to the television or stereo you connect with the traditional cables, including HDMI.


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