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Facebook is full of sensitive and personal content, so it is normal that all users be concerned about how secure is all this data. Richard AllanDirector of Public Affairs at Facebook EMEA, is clearly to avoid misunderstandings, the network social, the largest in the world, is a service to connect people and to share things with people, if you want to display a picture, it is best not upload it to the internet.


Allan said during a conference in Madrid the latest improvements in the safety and privacy on Facebook. The company wants its users to feel safe in their platform, do not want to bring “surprises” unpleasant, adopted a policy of transparency to giving the user all the information you might need about what happens to your account. He has made ​​available to its users a lot of documentation about privacy, from small “notes” to “the fine print” everything is translated into Spanish.

The ” Activity Log “ , which is accessed from the personal profile is the “perfect tool” to know what happens to the Facebook account, and to control our privacy, but you can see where we have labeled or named whose mission is to manage it accordingly. Anyway, all privacy controls are now accessible from the top menu and therefore no need to go into your profile settings.

As for advertising, when a user logs into Facebook, accept an agreement that allows you display ads in exchange for a free service, but “never provide personal information to the advertiser.”Word of Richard Allan, who notes that Facebook has wanted to give their users more control tools, but that also meant that the platform has become more complex. For example, said company representative, a user can download all their profile information directly into the computer in a compressed file as backup and delete, if desired, your account later.

Deleting a Facebook account has always been controversial. Lor that previously required complicated, “now greatly simplified.” In addition, there are more options, and you can also disable the account in case you want to delete the content is not or if you decide that the resume at some point. Is the panic button.

Recovering a deleted account

According to the expert says, the deletion process has a number of validation steps by the user to prevent accidental deletions occur. If that happened, an account will be recovered within the first two weeksafter the deletion, then removed forever.

Facebook lets you see the list of third-party application to which we have given permission to access our accounts to manage, but avoids responsibility on applications. From the company that their users to try a number of “good behavior”, but not so easy, it’s like installing an application on your computer: you have to trust the company that has developed.

Real identities

One of the best guarantees that on Facebook there is very little content inappropriate is that all identities of the accounts, Allan explains, are “almost always real.” At the end of the day, people you have in your account are friends and family. Anyway, have a secure automatic Microsoft trying to detect signs of pedophilia in the images so they can report it to the authorities.

That is the only automated system that has control of the content, since the user has multiple ways of reporting and communication with Facebook. The theft of accounts, as Allan says, occur when the user uses the same password for other services ‘online’ and one of them is compromised, so we have a system of “trusted devices” so that if you access to a Facebook account from a new device, notify the user. The two main privacy regulators governed by Facebook are the “Federal Trade Commission” in the United States and “Irish Data Protection Commissioner” in Europe.

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