Analysts estimate to sold about 8 million 5S and 5C iPhones in their first weekend

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The new models of Apple iPhone, iPhone Phone 5C and 5S, go on sale this Friday in some markets. During the first weekend on sale, analysts estimate up to eight million in sales of these two devices, with the iPhone 5S will reap the greatest success.

iPhone-5C & 5S

iPhone-5C & 5S

Apple introduced two new models of iPhone on September 10, marking the first time that the Cupertino company simultaneously present two new models of its ‘smartphone’. At that same event, Apple announced the arrival of both the iPhone and the iPhone 5S 5C for Friday September 20, but only for some markets.

The days after presentation, analysts, users and investors criticized the lack of innovation from Apple over the iPhone 5S and the high price of the iPhone 5C. Still, many analysts still rely on the pull of the company when it comes to new devices available in the market at that point to high sales figures in the first weekend.

As reported by Mashable, analyst Gene Munster estimates that shipments will be around 2.5 million units for the iPhone 5S and 3 million in the case of the iPhone 5C. Other analysts have been a little more optimistic in their forecasts.

BTIG Research firm, which has expressed skepticism about Apple in the past, estimates that Apple will sell “at least” six million iPhones during the weekend due to the Chinese market.Meanwhile, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the company will sell between 6 and 8 million new iPhones this weekend.

These estimates suggest that Apple achieved record levels compared with sales of the iPhone 5 last year during the first weekend.

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