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The reference terminal Nokia for this end of 2012 and early 2013, the Lumia 920 , looking hollow – wide – in the pocket of consumers who want to enjoy Windows Phone 8 in a generous, bright screen, in addition to the its extra camera Pure View technology.

We leave without further delay with the Nokia Lumia 920 analysis .

Design and finishing

Nokia has decided to maintain the distinctive design of its high-end Lumia 920 repeats this general features attractive appearance Lumia 900, where the colored finish polycarbonate is its broad appeal.

The polycarbonate shell is colored as “house brand Lumia”

This Nokia Lumia 920 has very slightly curved back of the phone but it has chosen the good idea of a pronounced bevel on the HTC 8X we both liked in our analysis .

This curvature improves grip and safety by having the Lumia 920 in hand, and somewhat offset its generous dimensions and the weight part, which is quite high: over 180 grams . Yes, it seems a tip from a terminal many years ago, and not a smartphone struggling in the high end market.

The slight curvature is a success because it makes it more comfortable in the hand terminal

Furthermore, neither thickness is among the slimmest on the market, and climbed above 10 mm in this section.

Uniting all these aspects (weight, thickness and size), despite a curved back, the overall feel of the terminal has seemed somewhat comfortable to handle if you have big hands and want to work with one of them. But this remains a personal opinion and certainly there will be users who are comfortable with a terminal of its kind. I must confess that over time could end up getting used to the feel in hand that produces the Lumia 920.

From their physical appearance also give high marks to the controls, all located on the right and with good touch. There we find the volume control, lock the ignition and right in the center of the lateral (a success in a phone these generous dimensions) and finally the physical button for the camera , which as we noted in our analysis of the camera of the Nokia Lumia 920, is used to enter the camera feature at any time by simply held down.


The touch of this button I found it perfect, and uses the proper hardness to focus and take the picture for sure.

Already in the top of the Lumia 920 is the headphone jack, completely focused, and microSIM card slot removable. If we go to the bottom of the housing 920 Lumia find the microUSB port and speaker, you hear quite well.



The display returns to be the jewel in the crown of a terminal Lumia. The 920’s left in 4.5 inches , with a panel IPS that accommodates 332 dots per inch – rather than the iPhone 5 for example – because its resolution is 1280 × 768 pixels. And with those credentials could not be otherwise than great.

The panel includes ClearBlack technology that facilitates the viewing of it in the supported outer curvature of the cover Gorilla Glass 2 to reach the casing. Such protection – giving you a robustness to it quite noticeable to have Lumia 920 in hand – helps the screen has a quality bonus.

The curvature of the screen and ClearBlack technology reduce reflections but not eliminate

Nokia also wants to show off technology PureMotion HD + screen on Nokia Lumia 920. And certainly, without being miraculous, it seems that we noticed smoother transitions and less movement in the operating system.


The extra screen gives Lumia 920 is the technology that can enable or not to make it more sensitive and able to interact with it through gloves. And it works without problems, it certainly helps the interface of Windows Phone 8. Yes, you have to use rather thin gloves for the display to respond.


With good brightness and contrast level , also meets the screen of the Nokia Lumia 920 to tactile sensitivity. Help new interface and especially the virtual keyboard in Windows Phone 8, incredibly accurate despite its compact size. It’s almost impossible to miss when you click on a letter by faster than we do.

Performance and battery

In the Nokia Lumia 920 , as in other Windows Phone, no need to talk about inside. Just tell you this Lumia is a dual core processor at 1.5 GHz along with 1 GB RAM .

Windows Phone has gotten – I see an advantage – no spec wars between its terminals (still very low) and thanks to the optimization of hardware and software that performs, talk about a Windows Phone 8 today, as this Lumia 920, is synonymous with good user experience and performance in line with expectations , especially when applications are already open and running.

The charger-stand is the best companion of Nokia Lumia 920

In terms of internal memory, the Nokia Lumia 920 includes 32 GB , enough to not miss the microSD card slot. But Nokia’s remind that if you want, put it to Microsoft and let the terminals with Windows Phone 8.

From Nokia Lumia 920 battery must speak or yes functionality of wireless charging . This terminal is integrated in the body of polycarbonate and does not need a sheath as in the case of which there Lumia below.

Although the difference is not very large (not reaching the half hour), with the Lumia 920 wireless charger takes longer to charge cable that connected directly. In addition, the housing is heated, but nothing that should worry.

At the base we’ve tested, shaped stand and very suitable to have on the desktop, there is an indicator that shows whether the terminal is charging and turns off when charging is finished.


This base is also a sort of application launcher connectivity thanks to NFC that integrates. Just bring the top of the Lumia 920 to the base (right where it says NFC ) and can activate different applications or functions, though not directly because you always have to accept that what we set it to start.

With respect to autonomy, is expected in a generation smartphone with large oversized screen and battery. Its 2000 mAh leave the Lumia 920 in the average high-end smartphones in the market,holding a day without problems if you abuse Navigation GPS or video recording, for example.


The other star feature of Nokia Lumia 920 with screen and wireless charging is the camera. Nokia has not given the same technology as in Pure View almost 808 and has been limited to include optical stabilization as a differentiator.


As we have told you in the analysis of the camera of this handset and the comparison with other well-equipped terminals cameras, the overall result is good but not to say it is the best camera phone on the market.

Nokia Lumia 920 more lightA clear example of the advantage of the Lumia 920 in poor light scenes

Just mark important differences in the images in low light, and in the video, where stabilization is noticed as we will see in the comparison that we are preparing for that functionality.

In terms of software Nokia should have done more to differentiate themselves from competitors.


The Nokia Lumia 920 is the terminal that opens Windows Phone 8 on the market, but almost. This new operating system will remember that the main changes are more customizable home screen and easy to grow in alleged number of applications of the Microsoft Store, although it is a promise we are still waiting to be fulfilled. But I insist that I am very pleased that Microsoft has shown that you can do something different – and interesting – on the touch interface.


In Windows Phone 8 details remain to be polished as better notification system and the entire ecosystem. And there are very striking successes as Internet Explorer 10 or Skydrive.

Nokia is ” plug “itself in this terminal with the addition of the latest services and applications related to maps and GPS , as Nokia Drive or Transport. In addition, Nokia Vista Urbana seems fairly well implemented .


Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia has not looked to anyone else at the time of planting in the market your Nokia Lumia 920. I wanted a big screen and has been placed with great result. He wanted to wirelessly recharge and has been accompanied by a series of chargers and accessories to take advantage.


They wanted a camera that marked differences with the surname PureView … and have stayed half.While dark scenes has shown no rival, overall, the camera of the Nokia Lumia 920 provides no such differentiation that did have the Nokia 808 PureView , both as sensor and software technology.


The result is remarkable because of, costing conceive a terminal weighing over 180 grams with 4.5 inch screen and a design that while we like, and not as groundbreaking as it was on the Lumia 900.

If only I had Windows Phone 8 and an ecosystem of applications to highlight and complement your good work with what is already there …

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