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It was 2002 when it reached our hands one that has been and will watchword of the video game world.After growing success since the first title in the series and the revolution caused by the third, we had Rockstar GTA: Vice City. Now, days after its tenth anniversary, the American developer offers tablet version.

The success of these formats, and the growing demand from fans of titles that have been representative, make many studies raised the feasibility of giving a new life to these creations so many hours of fun we had at the time. In this case the game has lived an adaptation mission to mission and character to character of great quality and will embody the great Tommy Vercetti to remake, step by step, a game that took a major twist to the genre of sandbox and action, providing elements that so far we have not seen in a title like this. Surrounded always controversial, the game has kept the tone and criminal rabble from their appearance on the market, in the distant 1997 – telling the story of different characters has led us to the same cities as Vice, San Fierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos.

Arriving at Escobar International

As with all reissues have two types of players, the die-hard fan of the series and that his young age could not enjoy this Grand Theft Auto. In the first and move them to replay GTA is like returning to the town where you have vacationed all your life … remember that PGR 600 left at the crossing of the bridge at the hardware store to buy your first machete or also those who do not share Leave the area crossing more luxury to advance further in the game. For second only tell you that after a few years in the shadow Vercetti back up for some action and that his first job will not end as well as they would like. After this we will have to start kicking the streets to go forward in a plot that has not gone out of fashion while focusing in the eighties. Vice City All virgin forms a map in which to develop both the primary mission as the different schools that we will appear with the opportunity to get lost between ramps and streets enjoying the vast fleet that made the game stand out in due course.

At first glance the game and gives us clues renewal and displayed graphically improved and adapted to the current screen. The New iPad retina shows a GTA in top form for that have changed, of course, controls and menus look and move even though it is still a game at the time. These ten years have not been in vain and Tommy still has a somewhat square back and cars still appear on the fly as often happened in the original game. Aside from the age of the game and the evolution of the industry over the past ten years the title includes high resolution graphics improving original touches in lighting that make everything look much better and completely redesigned custom buttons for tablets. This last point is something we will address in the gameplay so you can see what has worked for everything to suit our game mode, resolving some doubts that we raised you to the previous game for iPhone, GTA III, and the difficulties that posed interface.

Intuitive interface and buttons “tailored”

Tommy move around the city is relatively easy with some menus that are designed for the occasion, always motif “eighties”, and an original design plus a fully adjustable interface gameplay each. With the ubiquitous girls GTA in each of the menus will access the game in which you have to press screen in the bottom left to move the player with a joystick that appears at any point where you press, and on the right to find the different buttons, which change depending on whether we move on foot or circulated in any type of vehicle. In addition, pressing these buttons off, we turn the camera to see the whole environment.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The fact is that this interface is fully customizable by changing and from menus that can move and scale these buttons thereby substantially improve the gaming experience than its predecessor. In our case the iPad screen responds perfectly to these buttons and we have chosen to enlarge the concerning running, shooting or speed up and reduce the circumstantial read honk, change cameras or start secondary mission, which appear in a much smaller format . the other screen features a mini map in the upper left-that expand with a touch-and indicators of time, money, life and pursuit stars besides the icon indicating the weapon at our disposal located at the upper right. To change the weapon will simply slide your finger in the arms. mention-worthy by their differences to drive the interface. In this case, instead of a stick to use any vehicle to climb to the left of the game screen will have only two arrows for direction while in the right area other buttons appear as accelerate, brake, skid and use the horn, besides the change of camera. These two appear by default in a smaller format to not disturb while the rest have more prominence, but there already is the user interface designs also. The theme of the weapons may be having a bit more difficulty when shooting.Sometimes camera detect changes that cause it to lose sight of the goal which is a nuisance at times of escape or possible arrest. The arsenal is still the same and the cars and large vehicles continue serving as throwing Molotov cocktails that when the black smoke makes its appearance on the screen while enjoying the music that has marked an era.

A clear vision of what is already a classic

As we discussed earlier this GTA: Vice City in tablets so we have to look for what it is, as the game that surprised us in 2002 and now returns to live those memories again. Despite its original graphics team has worked to create a series of new textures you will notice both during the game and in the different kinematics. One of the highlights is the fluidity with which we will move the game. The initial load times are minimal and the color palette perfectly fulfills, noting especially in the evenings, when the night is coming gradually to Vice City. This section may point not much else as the changing point the game is undoubtedly the gameplay, as it maintains a map graphic that worked very well living in different types of neighborhoods in a city clearly set in Miami. As we move into the game know and unlock new areas as buildings and houses our movements in the initial missions.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Fully recommended purchase

This GTA reaches a catalog full of action games and has even saved a place in it from day one.Everything that comes from Rockstar does to hit hard and in this case the tablets have received a gift at Christmas time anticipated. The title stands in all its facets and solves the issue of GTA III dragging buttons in mobile version. The modification of the interface makes the player does not suffer a “stacking” of icons on the screen and that therefore everything is easier to play in general is a game to take our tablets. It is easily available at Appstore for iOS and Android.

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