Analysis: Moto G4 Plus


Motorola, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers is bought by Chinese Lenovo which phased out the name Motorola but the brand is still surviving with the product series Moto.

Motorola’s Moto G, which was released in 2013 impressed us as a mobile that really did everything one could wish for, followed by several sequels to the series, and even cheaper Moto E series.

Moto G4 Plus has walked up a bit in price range. Another thing that wandered up the screen size. The first Moto G had 4.5 inch screen. Sequels had five-inch screen, and has now taken another step forward, to 5.5 inches. The resolution is 1920 x 1080,having the pixel density well above the iPhone 4 had, when they add the Retina display for screens with higher pixel density than the eye can perceive. The screen is significantly brighter as the best, and can withstand sunlight good. At the bottom, below the screen, there is a fingerprint reader. It’s fast, has good accuracy, and raises the screen without pressing the phone first. Note, however, that it does not function as home button, it is a soft button on the screen, which can be confusing.

The rubberized back is detachable, and inside we find, unfortunately, not a removable battery. It looks like a removable battery, but is screwed. We also find three slots, two for SIM cards and a third for memory card. The slots are of type micro-sim, and an original traits is already adapters on location in sim card holders for those using nano sim.

Moto G4 Plus uses the chipset Snapdragon 617 but you do not run demanding 3D games. This teach you rarely notice that it is not the fastest processor in the mobile.

There are two variants of Moto G4 Plus, one comes with 16GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM, other comes with 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM. The memory in this case is more a bottleneck. “Gigabyte working memory can sometimes be full of running numerous services, and 16 gigabytes of storage, fill light.

One more feature is the small switch next focus point where you can adjust the exposure compensation and make it lighter or darker. It sits right where you need it, not somewhere deep in the settings, and you see on the screen what the result is. It is not just the app that is great with the camera, but the camera itself. Lenovo boasts combined laser and phase shift of autofocus, but it is still difficult to accept that a camera in a mobile phone in this price range can be this good. Just the camera is otherwise usually be the one to haggle when making mobile a little cheaper, but this, Lenovo has really invested, and saved it cheaper camera to the G4 model with no plus in the name.

Battery is of 3000 mAH with Turbo Charging and video time is 6 h 10 min.

On the other hand, the storage space is a bit of the only disadvantage of a phone that otherwise looks to be the definitive measure of the price lurking for some time to come (that Motorola promised updates of Android for both Android N and O makes it feel even more durable).

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