An explosion captured on the surface of Jupiter

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Monday, early in the morning in the United States, two amateur astronomers have observed an explosion on the surface of the planet Jupiter. They say it was a meteor impact or a comet. An assumption that does not exclude specialists.

It is a relatively rare event which could attend two amateur astronomers. Independently of each other and provided with their own instruments, these two lovers heaven watching quietly planet Jupiter early Monday morning when they suddenly saw a bright flash appear on its surface. A flash that was other than explosion as described by Dan Peterson living in Racine, Wisconsin and George Hall in Dallas, Texas who are eager to share their observation. ” I have observed an explosion on Jupiter this morning , “he protested and Dan Peterson.

Fortunately, the famous explosion has not remained at the observation status as the webcam connected to George Hall telescope accidentally filmed the entire scene.This has allowed astronomers to support their claims and especially some hypotheses about the origin of the phenomenon. ” My best guess is that it was a smallcomet undetected part of the story now , “said Dan Peterson, quoted by National Geographic . But to know more about the real origin of the explosion, it’s going to take the advice of experts who have got wind of the event. ” Today we can confirm only based on the fact that there were two independent reports , “said Amy Simon Miller, Goddard Spaceflight Center of NASA. 

However, given the evidence, scientists can already provide some. If the explosion actually occurred, it is the fourth impact in three years on the surface of Jupiter.Moreover, the fact that it is visible from a telescope installed in a garden about 730 million kilometers from the planet suggests that it was probably a significant event. Even though we do not yet know the size or the exact nature of the impactor, based on the brightness of the flash, we expect it to be a little larger and energy than that observed in 2010, size was estimated to be about 10 meters , “said the scientist. In comparison, the impact observed in 2009 according to estimates measured between 200 and 500 meters.

Impacts if not rare on Jupiter

With so many hypotheses, scientists have therefore today untangle fact from fiction seeking the signature of the impact on the surface of the planet. ” An immediate impact overheating the atmosphere and will necessarily produce soot , “says Amy Simon Miller stating that the teams will then go in search of this spot. ” The Hubble telescope and professionals are typically too busy and will not be used unless a debris field is confirmed by amateurs , “she said again.

In addition, astronomers now know that the impacts on the surface of Jupiter is much less rare than previously thought. On the planet, ” very small events are probably quite common. Actually, they probably occur even up to once a week, but some are too small to generate a flash. impacts of 2009 and 2010 showed that there was a large number of small objects near Jupiter with a potential impact , “says the head of the laboratory of planetary systems.

It is not excluded that other visible phenomena of this type are observed regularly in the coming years. A hypothesis that also confirms the explosion that has been filmed.

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