AMD plans to release a multi-core server processors AMD Opteron 64-bit ARM architecture

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AMD has announced the development of 64-bit server processors on the architecture of ARMThe first model will be a single-chip system, optimized for use in servers with high-density and low power consumption, which dominate the current EC. The release of this representative of the family is scheduled for the AMD Opteron 2014In AMD Opteron processors on ARM architecture will be integrated into a high-performance switching matrix interconnect SeaMicro Freedom. Recall Freedom SeaMicro technology , AMD acquired with the acquisition of SeaMicro, used in servers SM15000.

With all the advantages, ARM processors have disadvantages. One of them – they can not be so fully use the bandwidth network connections, as do the “big processors.” If you connect to the network, each individual processor ARM, the result will be an effective component of a computer network and inefficient. AMD saw the Specialist in association with SeaMicro Freedom of individual processors in the cluster, which is then connected to the network. The result should be a high computational and network efficiency. According to AMD, SeaMicro Freedom brings together in clusters of hundreds or thousands of x86 and ARM.

According to AMD, it will be the first to offer in response to market demand for “cloud” server solutions processors on 64-bit x86 and ARM, thus building a bridge between the two ecosystems and open new levels of flexibility to create optimal solutions for each lap problems. AMD server market offer x86-compatible processors AMD Opteron, the new hybrid processor (APU) server class that use architecture Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) , and the solution to the 64-bit architecture ARM.

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