AMD Announces New Richland APU for Notebooks

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When I first mentioned to Richland was in mid-2012 . Some of the details were leaked about the new APU were on the road, but with the recent announcement of AMD , the rumors space has been reduced to zero. One detail that has been altered is that Richland is presented as the replacement of Trinity . The first round of information focuses on the mobile versions of the APU, which promise lower power consumption, higher frequencies and better video performance, all under the same TDP chips found in the Trinity.



Although the progress of tablets has also affected their level of adoption, the laptops are a little better positioned when compared to the well where they are desktops. Again, not that there’s anything wrong with a traditional system, but consumer demands have changed. Almost all the queries I’ve received in recent months were limited to laptops and the occasional “all-in-one” . Given this situation, it is not at all uncommon for hardware manufacturers to focus on solutions and energy efficient compact. AMD has gained much traction in this area thanks to the mobile versions of its Trinity APU, but it’s time to Richland.

The specification discloses information available chip -5150M A4, A6-5350m, A8-5550M and A10-5750M . Both the A4 and the A6 have two cores and an L2 cache of 1 MB(quad-core and 4 MB for the A8 and A10) , an amount that is partly offset by a higher clock frequency. One of the most significant details in the Turbo mode A8-5550M, with the ability to increase the frequency 1 GHz base under appropriate conditions. All APU have integrated video series Radeon HD 8000 , but do not use the Graphics Core Next architecture. However, the improvements implemented in Richland allow increased efficiency of 47 percent during HD video playback, not to mention that the integrated videois running around Intel HD Video, all under the same TDP of 35 watts possessing Trinity mobile chips. course, with Haswell on the horizon, the friction between Intel and AMD in the mobile space should lead to more interesting options for the consumer. It is expected that the first laptops based on Richland make an appearance during the month of April, and should do much more backward simple upgrade process for each OEM. AMD has also confirmed it will release parts 25 and 17 watts TDP , but will be available later this semester. Although AMD has not reported specific costs for these chips, it is anticipated that laptops will Richland inside much more accessible than their counterparts with Intel chips.

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