AMD announced new chips and graphics cards

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Chip maker AMD at CES 2013 introduced its own innovations, which will soon begin to take their seats in the new computers and mobile devices. companies to present a new line of graphics cards Radeon HD 8000M for mobile devices. 

In AMD say 8000M – a discrete graphics solution that works independently of the CPU, and therefore provides better performance in the system. At the same time, a new line of solutions has a compact design, allowing to embed them in a thin and light device. In addition, the 8000M – the first graphics chips AMD, built on the basis of the new architecture AMD GCN (Graphics Core Next), providing better performance. Also in the new GPU support for new technology Enduro, increasing the time of the mobile device battery life by reducing power consumption. Companies Asustek Computer, Samsung Electronics and Lenovo have already announced plans to use Radeon 8000M in their mobile devices. Later, the company will present a version of Radeon HD 8000 for desktop solutions, but they will only be available for OEM-partners and the public sale will not be. There will also be support for GCN and Microsoft DirectX 11.1 to work in Windows 8. In addition, there will be technology App Acceleration and PowerTune to increase productivity and economic consumption. In idle moments of some nuclei ZeroCore Power card technology will ensure that the GPU will consume the least electricity. AMD also presented a new combined solutions APU Richland, which are already available partners AMD and represent a further development of the APU-AMD A Series of solutions for use in ultra-portable devices.Compared to the A Series, Richland has a 20% higher performance and 40% lower power consumption. In addition, from Richland comes a new set of software to provide support for gesture recognition and individuals.After Richland company intends to start market supply APU Kaveri, which are the first to receive the support of innovative architecture heterogeneous system architecture (HSA). Supply of these chips are expected in the second half of 2013. 

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