Amazon’s net profit in the first quarter was $ 82 million, while sales rose by 21.9% to 16,070 million.

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Amazon said in a statement to investors a 36.9% fall in profits in the first quarter . The net profit of the online store was $ 82 million, compared to 130 million won between January and March last year.

This drop was expected , and was even a little lower than some investors expected, which initially helped boost slightly in company stock after-hours trading, but ultimately ended up falling by 3%, as reported by the resources .

The decline in earnings in striking contrast to the 21.9% increase in sales of . The U.S. company’s sales rose from the 13.185 million dollars from Q1 2012 to 16,070 million in the first quarter of 2013.

Analyzing the data by geographic regions, North America pulled Amazon sales , an improvement of 26.5%.International markets also rose, but reported a smaller increase of 16%.

Jordan Rohan, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus, said investors were reassured by the comments of the managers of Amazon, who suggested that the company was not  so affected by weak European economies as the other e-commerce giant, eBay . “It is a recognition that growth prospects are still very strong Amazon , “said Rohan.


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