Amazon would be developing a smartphone

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Amazon went from being one of the strongest heavyweights of the network with respect to the sale of certain products to be also one of the heavyweights when it comes to hardware. All this was due to the launch of Kindle, its electronic reader, and then to Kindle Fire, your tablet is the most Android market has.

Now it seems, at least as pointing a rumor that comes from Bloomberg , is working on your smartphone to fight him also this market to Apple and how could it be otherwise, use a modified version of the Google OS. Where does this information? From two sources cross that has the site.

Apparently that would be working with Amazon to make the phone would be manufactured by Foxconn , as we know from all the problems of suicide and other employees, also works with Apple. To all this, as do most companies entering this world, would be acquiring patents covering aspects of wireless technology which could help them to fight against potential lawsuits.

A smartphone would give Amazon an even greater power and could be further strengthened, with a good business plan, the power you have in the area of purchasing digital books, songs and movies. In the first quarter phone sales you generated large as Samsung and Apple no less than U.S. $ 398 million according to a study by the IDC. Come on, who wants to stay out of such a cake.

Meanwhile from Amazon refused to comment.

Clearly, it will deny everything until at least things are super developed and have something in view. Meanwhile, we are left to speculate and wait for potential leaks. If you ask me, I do not seem at all unusual that Amazon was working on a new phone, especially to continue hoarding and keeping a place in regard to the sale of content through your store.

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