Amazon will launch its own currency for business applications on Kindle

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The Internet giant Amazon today announced in May its own virtual currency, “Amazon Coins”, with the aim of promoting trade in applications and games on your Kindle Fire tablet, according published in a statement.

The Seattle-based company, in the state of Washington, plans to subsidize the purchase of applications with a campaign that will provide users with “tens of millions of dollars in Coins” to spend it on Kindle Fire.

Each coin Amazon will equal a penny and initially only be available to users in the U.S.

Amazon has not released details on how clients can access their virtual money supply, although it said that software developers will receive the dollars allocated to it from the sale of applications regardless of the payment method chosen by the user.

The new currency may also be used for transactions within applications, but shall not apply to pay the cost of a subscription.

Application developers receive 70% of the income generated by the sale of their software.

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