Amazon tab a veteran of Microsoft for a project “secret”

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Amazon has hired former general manager of the Windows Phone division, Charlie Kindel , for a secret project. But it seems that the veteran Kindel, with over 20 years experience in Microsoft , will return to his roots as a director in the mobile sector.

According to resources , Kindel says he has been hired for the position of director of ” something secret “and has wasted no time in his new role as recruiting is mobile developers in order to” build a new equipment for a whole new area of Amazon . “

amazon-Kindle Touch

amazon-Kindle Touch

“I’m hiring developers and mobile cloud system and testers, program managers and product managers,” he wrote in his profile.

With these signs are inclined to speculation that Amazon may be developing a mobile to enter this market, something that Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO did not rule the whole of last year when asked about it.

Kindel, who left Microsoft in 2011 to launch his own company, the company has worked closely with mobile developers and has been considered an “evangelist” of the Windows Phone platform.

But Kindel is not the first former staff member of Microsoft Windows Phone contracting Amazon. Last year, Brandon Watson , former team leader Experience Powered Windows Phone, left Microsoft to join Amazon as team manager Kindle platforms.

Anunio Kindle yesterday joined the ranks of Amazon with a Tweet and a post on his blog entitled ” Announcing the Amazon Kindle Charlie “(Charlie Announcing the Amazon Kindle), a pun on his name and the flagship of Amazon, The Kindle e-reader. The post was advertised as “part of it is true what FOLLOWING” contained some joke April Fool’s Day but also aimed his new role. He had to confirm the announcement in other tweets.

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